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Given the current uncertainty that surrounds us, when we all feel like things are unravelling so quickly, it is important to ensure we get the right support to help us make sense of unfolding events and what that means for us. 

Whatever your experience, whatever your situation, together we can work through difficult thoughts and emotions and move towards a happier you.

I offer face to face sessions at the Stortford Therapy Space in Bishop's Stortford, as well as online sessions using Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Face Time, Houseparty and Hangouts.


"When it all gets a bit overwhelming, it has been nice to know there is someone there to help me through it. Stephen has been very supportive. I can't thank him enough for helping me see there are different ways of looking at things." - Justin, 27, London.



A professional friend to help you through

I use effective psychotherapy methods to help you deal with things when it all gets a bit too much. Through the process you will get to know yourself better. In doing so, you may adopt new attitudes and develop different feelings towards different areas of your life.

While therapy is not a magic pill or a 'quick fix', you can soon begin to notice a change in the way you think and feel. And although this process requires your participation, you can rest assured I will be with you every step along the journey.

I am confident that through our work together you will be able to make changes to self-defeating behaviours and find new ways of responding to feelings of sadness, fear, and pain, leading to a happier, more confident you.




A happier, healthier you

We rarely have control over things that happen in our lives. We can, however, control how we make sense of them and how we respond to them. Through sensitive discussion and 'reframing', I can help you make new meanings of difficult events, people or circumstances in your life; past, present and future. Whether it is bereavement, dealing with an illness, anxiety, depression, addiction or any other predicament, I will provide a space full of understanding and healing.


Foggy Pier

When it all gets too hard

Whether you are in a heterosexual or same sex relationship, problems arise. The source of our greatest pleasures can sometimes also cause our biggest frustration. Through a process of respectful reflection, we can work towards greater understanding, acceptance and above all, healthier communication.


Dandelion Parachute Seed

The space in between

Sometimes, being part of a family can be the best and worst thing at the same time. Problems can sometimes lead to blame and shame. My family sessions follow a Systemic model where problems are seen as intruders in the family. How are we going to rally together to deal with the intruder?



Our first session is FREE and will be for us to get to know each other and for me to understand a little about what brings you to therapy. If you feel comfortable, we will agree how we move forward.

I offer some sessions at a discounted price for students and those who are unemployed or earning below a certain amount. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me and we can decide on the best way forward. 

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16b Hockerill Street

Bishop's Stortford


CM23 2DW

I also offer online sessions via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and Google meet.